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Replica Maritime 6 Pin PRC-148 Radio 446 MHz
Item no. R060

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Now you can use REAL Military Standard PTT or Headset Set Directly at Toysoldier PRC-148 Radio!!

The 10 pin to 6 pin connector is for decoration only. The radio cant using with 10 pin headset and does not include a 10 pin connector. The radio is using with 6 pin or 5 pin headset/ PTT only.

Set inclduing:

Replica Military 5 Pins Plug AN/PRC-148 Radio + Replica Board band Antenna + Replica Modular Antenna Cable


Excellent CTCSS Interference clearance code setting
"SCAN" Automatic Channels-Scan Key

LCD screen

End Conversation Switch

Conversation Monitor function

Multi-Channels available with display

Battery capacity display

Multiple "Call" sound selection

Voice control launch switch with progression choice (vox) levels

"PTT" key transmission for three-minute-limit automatic safeguard

Sound control on/off switch

Key-lock on/off switch

"CALL" transmission function

5 x AA batteries not included


To turn off the "Roger Beep" switch off the radio. Turn it on again and press the "right arrow" buttom at the same time.

Preview on youtube:


5 x AA batteries not included

frequency chart

     1. CH1 446.00625
     2. CH2 446.01875
     3. CH3 446.03125
     4. CH4 446.04375
     5. CH5 446.05625
     6. CH6 446.06875
     7. CH7 446.08125
     8. CH8 446.09375