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FALCO Communications System 10 Pin PRC-148 Radio
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General Specifications:

137 ~ 174 MHz  /  400-470MHz  VHF/UHF

Number of channels : Programmable

Channel spacing: 25 / 12.5 k Hz /5khz/6.25khz

Operating voltage 7.4V

Standard Battery Battery box  supports four various capacities 18650 lithium battery

Standard charging case: 9-28V wide voltage input, 8.4V output 5V single output.

Battery Life ( 5-5-90  duty cycle) lithium batteries for about 50 -80 hours,pure standby time: 4-7 days (four 2600-3100MA 18650 standard lithium calculation)

Frequency stability ± 2.5 ppm

Operating temperature range - 2 0 ° C / + 60 ° C

Antenna impedance 50Ω

Emitting section:

Output Power: U section H: 4 W / M: 2 / L: 0.5 W  , V section H: 5 W / M: 2 / L:0.5 W

Specific menu stepless adjustment

Modulation F3E (FM)

Clutter and Harmonic  -36dBm <1GHz

Receiving part:

Received SNR: 40 / 34dB

Sensitivity ≤ 0.2uV  @ 12dB SINAD

Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥ 65 dB / 55dB  (@  25 / 12.5 k Hz )

Intermodulation ≥ 65dB

Spurious response rejection ≥ 70dB

SNR ≥ 40 / 34dB (@  25 / 12.5 k Hz )

Audio output power: 1 W + 1W + 0.5W

Audio Distortion ≤ 5%


main feature:

1. Full CNC aerospace and military regulations anodized aluminum enclosure ;

  Fine precision machining, good use of touch, perfect details of each part of the show. Stronger surface hardness and wear scratch more insulation acid antioxidant.

2. domestic handset for the first time a multi-purpose charge box ;

  After wide input voltage may, external transformer or various suitable interfaces solar charging panels, and provides three outputs, you can give this walkie-talkie battery, you can charge their cell phones, detachable transformer may become an independent charging treasure, to facilitate outdoor , field emergency special circumstances of the smaller device recharging.

3. You can replace batteries battery box design;

   You can customize the free replacement batteries (with a stable Tesco 18650 standard lithium batteries), increased battery failure under emergency response capabilities, internal use dozens of gilt bomb root 3U needle electrode, a more stable power supply system


The ladder progressive menu       

   Under the premise of the original product as possible in line with the style of menu operations, optimize the part of the operation mode, the menu in the form of classification grouping, allowing users more convenient and intuitive operation of the various features that make elementary beginners learn to use more quickly.

A fully independent UV channels, enabling dual-channel standalone / mix ear, then the group or speakers.


5. Excellent self-developed software and circuitry, the difference between the poor quality of the public version of the traditional circuit ;

 Using a variety of high-quality internal components, gold-plated connectors application number ten, give full consideration to the use of a variety of normal and harsh stable place. Beyond the same level of 32 main processor, dual-channel independent DSP mounted audio and signaling processor.

6. The original product used in line with the US audio protocol matching circuit and optimization ;