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PPS XM26 Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun (Pump Action)
Item no. A173

Stock: 5


Set included:  1 x Magzine, 2 x Sheel Cartridge


XM26 is a modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS). Which can be used as an under-barrel shotgun attachment. Invented by C-More system and manufactured by Vertu Corporation, It was first named as Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS). And now it is officially named as XM26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS). XM26 is using detachable magazines which hold five 12 gauge rounds. It is a modular, manually operated, pump action shotgun. 


PPS, the Hong Kong based company introduced an Airsoft version of the XM26! Just like the previous M870, the XM26 is a pump action shotgun with shell ejection system, but XM26 is using detachable magazine which can holds five shells, it makes reloading much quicker. You will never have to waste time reloading shells into the shotgun if you get more mags. 


The Diecast aluminum alloy body made the XM26 extremely light. The cocking handle can be folded up and down for easy storage. The most exciting thing about the PPS XM26 is, except for using it as a standalone weapon, you can also attach it onto a rifle after detaching the grip and stock of the shot gun and then attach it onto the rifle with an adapter. The muzzle brake can be pulled longer too. 


The orange shell which comes with the XM26, can fire up to 3 bbs at once, at it is powered by top gas. The muzzle velocity while shooting with 3 bbs is 65m/s, while shoots up to 105m/s if there is only 1 bb in the shell. As the manufactured did not include the purple shell, we cannot provide data about the muzzle velocity while using the purple shell. But according to previous data we can see that the purple shell will provide a more powerful punch than the orange shell. No misfiring and jams occurred during the initial test.


PPS XM26 Mass Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun (Pump Action) 

Gas Pump Action Shotgun (With shell ejection system) 

Diecast Aluminum Alloy Body Receiver 

Aluminum 200mm Outer Barrel With Polymer 95mm Flash Hider (The muzzle brake can be pulled longer) 

5 Position Polymer Stock With Rubber Pad & Metal Stock Pipe 

Flip-up Front & Rear Sight 

Aluminum Cocking handle can be folded up and down 

Polymer Pistol Grip 

Able to attach it onto a rifle after detaching the grip and stock and then attach it onto the rifle with an adapter 

Able to hold 5 Shell Cartridge (12 gauge) 

Shotgun Shell Cartridge hold 3 rounds of Plastic Bullet Each (Include Two Shell)