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Tactical workshop Replica AN/PRC-148 446 MHz radio
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Replica AN/PRC-148 Radio Basic set including:

Replica AN/PRC-148 Radio + Replica Board band Antenna + Replica H-250/U Handset + Replica Modular Antenna Cable


Excellent CTCSS Interference clearance code setting

"SCAN" Automatic Channels-Scan Key

LCD screen

End Conversation Switch

Conversation Monitor function

Multi-Channels available with display

Battery capacity display

Multiple "Call" sound selection

Voice control launch switch with progression choice (vox) levels

"PTT" key transmission for three-minute-limit automatic safeguard

Sound control on/off switch

Key-lock on/off switch

"CALL" transmission function



To turn off the "Roger Beep" switch off the radio. Turn it on again and press the "right arrow" buttom at the same time.

Preview on youtube:


5 x AA batteries not included

frequency chart

     1. CH1 446.00625
     2. CH2 446.01875
     3. CH3 446.03125
     4. CH4 446.04375
     5. CH5 446.05625
     6. CH6 446.06875
     7. CH7 446.08125
     8. CH8 446.09375